We’re excited to announce that Christopher Persley of New York City has been appointed to the NAHDN Board of Directors, filling the empty seat previously held by CJ Carlton Trader.

Many of you met Christopher at the 2014 Convention in Denver, or might know him from our online Facebook group, his work with NYC Dads Group, his blog The Brown Gothamite, and/or his frequent media appearances as a fantastic spokesperson for modern dads.

“I’m truly excited to be a part of the NAHDN board. I have appreciated their work to make people aware of the impact of at-home fathers as well as the support they provide for at-home fathers nationwide. I look forward to adding my voice and perspective to their ever important efforts.”

– Christopher Persley

More About Christopher

christopher persley squareChristopher Persley is a former independent school educator and administrator who is now a writer, consultant, and fatherhood advocate. Christopher writes the blog, The Brown Gothamite, which focuses on his journey as an at-home father, man of color, and feminist. He has appeared on national television, print media, and several different websites discussing his life as an at-home father. Christopher somehow finds time to also work as both Co-Organizer of NYC Dads Group and Father Focus Lead for the Center for Parental Leave Leadership

Christopher loves having adventures with his five year old daughter Camilla, a.k.a. Courageous Kid, in New York City and saving the world with her from super villains 2-3 times a day. His wife, Jenelle, enjoys being the wife and mother to these two aspiring superheroes.

Christopher will serve out the rest of this year, and will be up for re-election by the Membership at the HomeDadCon in October 2016 in Raleigh.

Welcome, Christopher, and thank you for your willingness to serve!

Thank you as well to those of you who expressed a willingness to serve on the Board and fill this open spot. You are all fantastic candidates, and it was a very tough decision. We’d encourage all of you to run for one of the open Board positions at HomeDadCon this fall.

If you’re someone who is interested in finding out more about serving on the Board, or would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please email nominate@athomedad.org.

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