I’ve been an at-home dad for 10 years. In that time, I’ve been asked more times than I can remember, “What do you do?” When I explain that I am an at-home dad, the next question is usually, “So what do you do all day?”

Now there is a very visual answer I can show people.

At left is the new logo for The National At-Home Dad Network. It encompasses four clear images of what being an at-home dad is all about: playing with his toddler, teaching his child to ride a bike, changing a diaper and hanging out at a dads playgroup.

The images and masculine earth tones make it clear that at-home dads are men parenting like men and are not at all like the image of “Mr. Mom” so many in society have.

Very soon we will have t-shirts, business cards, mouse pads, coffee mugs and more available for you to purchase and proudly display this progressive at-home dad image. In fact, if you are coming to the Convention on Oct. 6, there will be a very limited supply of t-shirts with this logo on it available for only $12.

In the meantime we hope you will add this trademarked logo and a link to our website www.AtHomeDad.org to your blog, website and/or social media page. We want the world to understand “what we do all day long” and we believe this is the perfect image to explain it.

What do you think?