causes graphicIs Mr. Mom dead?  Is the idea of a bumbling oaf of a father who doesn’t know which end the chili goes in, finally going out to pasture?  Well, probably not but at least we seem to be on the right track.

Today the Wall Street Journal posted an article that, as you can imagine, caught our eye as well as a lot of At Home Dads out there.  The article, At -Home Dads Make Parenting More of a ‘Guy’ Thing, is actually a bit refreshing and dare I say it, encouraging that perhaps fathers staying home with their children isn’t so unnatural.

The article seems to give a positive spin on the At Home life and gives the typical examples of dads doing their thing.  However, it seems to be more of a comparative piece between the different styles of Mom and Dad and less of a judgement piece.  This is a leap forward and by a nationally recognized publication, hell, I’ll take it. Where as other pieces may have tried to decide the “right” and “wrong” of dad staying home, this one seems to focus on the substance of that decision in the first place.   Yes, we know that we do things differently from Mom but it can equally be said that Mom does things differently than us.  Where as Mom is the standard to be compared to, perhaps by the “masculinization” of parenting that can change or at least find a more wide ranged acceptance.

Give the article a read and as always, beware the trolls for they still lurk under the bridges known as the comments section.

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