Hola con amigos!  I am starting to feel like myself again after my life had a rather horrific start to 2011.  There is no place but up! Dad's Night Out

In prepping for school this morning I beiefly saw a Facebook message in passing from The Hossman looking for new Post material, so on our walk to school I was thinking about what to write about, and I thought to no avail.  We checked into the playground where my son was already engaged in a game of 500 Football with the older boys with his Nerf Football, needless to say, he was thrilled!  So I continued my walk around the school looking to reconnect with anybody after we had been absent with Strep Throat for three days.

I rounded the corner and headed back down the homestretch to cross the bridge to the park and just as I passed the last mobile classroom over the shrill of playing kids, I heard my name being called in a mans voice, not a kids or moms as is often the case.

Emerging from between the last two mobiles Dan who is another AtHomeDad, he emerged as I stopped and hoping for some good banter,  scolding, or whatever, at least it wasn’t kid Cityville, Wii or DS related.

I was stunned when Dan started talking about our next DNO of going to go see The Green Hornet was being planned and in the works, this never happens without my involvement.  In the past, primarily it has been me trying to rally Dads to go do something and Dan was quick to jump on board; he is primarily responsible for a recruitment now due to his personality and widespread friendships with other Moms who turn out to just happen to know somebody and refer them our way.

We are not a big group like NYC Dads, but we are a ragtag  group of Dads nonetheless, we are The MileHighDads!  We have a group of Dads who meet once a month, sometimes more who go eat waffles, go to a movie or have beer and chicken wings, or sometimes all three in succession on our DNO.  We are a group of anywhere from 2-5 Dads, not necessarily all AtHomeDads as there are a few work from home Dads who also take care of the kids when not marketing, fitness training or mortgaging.  Not bad for a neighborhood in Castle Rock with is a population of 40,000 or so people which is primarily a bedroom community to Denver.  None of the other Dads Blog I am unhappy to report, nor are as active with the kids as Dan and I are, but Dan is at least heavy into texting, thats as tech savvy we get here in da’ sticks!

So if you are new with your DNO group and are concerned with your numbers, don’t be.  Just persevere with the knowledge that you are connecting with some Dads and your number is better than zero!  After all our national AtHomeDads Convention brings in less than 200 every year, nationwide, and is growing thanks to sites like this.

If you are reading this but have never attended the convention, please do attend!  It’s quite the experience talking to other Dads who have the same mindset you do, oh and the beer is cold!