As in rochambeau or Rock Paper Scissors, get it?  The title consists of three key elements to Scout Camp.

But here today I am going to talk to you about Scout Camp and being there for your kids, plain and simple. Peaceful Valley

If you have grade school aged boys and they are not involved in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), please consider enrolling them into your local troop or pack, all age dependent placing/title.  This is not like scouting when we were a kids and had to get all your accomplishments signed off in your scout book, there is My Scout among other online scout progress tracking applications, We happen to use My Scout and that is why I referenced it, a pretty cool tool for our Pack 262.  There are a lot of positions available in your pack other than Den Leaders if you want to get involved, and please do.  In addition to my assistant Den Leader position to our Wolf Den, I recently took on the job as Pack Trainer to get more involved in this worthwhile organization.  Recent abuse allegations in the media has caused theB SA to strengthen there already powerful Youth Protection Training.  To maintain a safe environment for the kids, the BSA developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies and provides parents and leaders with resources for the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing programs.  In order to protect your kids, I recommend getting familiar with this link,  To protect yourself from false allegations should they arise please consider taking the Youth Protection training at .

You do not have to be a registered member or have a member ID to take Youth Protection training.
To take Youth Protection Training:

  1. From the menu on the left, click E-Learning.
  2. From the General tab, scroll down to Youth Protection Training and click Take Course.

Parents in Scouting, please print the validation at the end and file it away, optionally, if you register with this myscouting site it is stored in your profile and the BSA staff does look at who is taking what.  I was actually called once to get clarrification on what was done, pretty cool that they actually look at the files! Get over it Dad, this isn’t about me, so onward we go!Scouting

Being There For Your Kids

On to Scouting Camp and being there for your kids, Scout camp can actually be fun, it’s all what you put into it.   Scout camp is not like staying at the Hilton and the sooner you realize that, the better time you will have, just consider it a Canvas Hilton, ha!

There will be Scouts and their parents from all walks of life, most of the parents are readily available to every whim of their kid(s) but there are always a select couple who make it obvious that they are not into it so just deal with the fact of helping other kids and make it a special experience for some kid, what comes around, goes around and they will think you’re the best!

So get ready to Sherpa rain gear and water in the backpack and for the caps duration let the kids make the call on where to go and what to do unless there is a set schedule and time-frame you have to meet.  You will find yourself doing a lot of unnecessary walking back and forth at first but your kid will get it after a couple trips that those extra steps start to take a toll on your and his legs and sooner or later they will be planning out the days moves.  Check with your local camp and see if it’s OK to use mountain bikes as modus operandi.

Don’t forget the bug spray or Deet, a bunch of it because chances are there are going to be huge swarms of flying and biting skeeters or no-see-ums!  Apply in the morning and pack it with you because as you start to notice getting bit after a period of time, your son will be getting hammered too, so apply and reapply often!  There is nothing like a shower to get cleaned up and then to lather up on bug dope, LIVE IT, LOVE IT AND JUST DO IT!

By the end of camp you will have made new pro- parent acquaintances and your kid will have new friends, learned new skills that you previously thought were beyond reach, like shooting a BB gun from a prone position or maybe Tomahawk throwing at a target, is that my son doing that?


Notice the Tomahawk in the air above the target!

Pretty cool, and don’t forget to capture it all on a digital camera or on video, you will walk away with a new mutual respect for each other!  And pretty soon you will be saying

“That’s my boy!”