It seems that the tide in the perception of the stay at home dad might be slowly turning.  So often we find negitive articles about stay at home dads or the idea of becoming a stay at home dad that it becomes just depressing to read them.  We are called lazy, antisocial bums that are an affront to the natural order of things.  Our manhood is questioned, which is interesting because no one ever does that to my face.  I may get punchy.

However, recently several of your very own stay at home dads from all over the country gave an interview to Redbook Magizine and Redbook did it up right and nice.  It’s actually a positive story that doesn’t question our manhood or try to paint us as crack addeled deadbeats.  It shows stay at home dads from around the country and asks them about different aspects of the lifestyle that we all choose.

It’s a good article and it is currently in this month’s issue of Redbook magazine.  Go buy it and frame it to show people that we are not Mr. Mom, but Dad and dad is awesome.  But if you can’t frame it beause it’s to much of a crafty thing to do, then please visit the online version of the article.

Here’s the link:  Redbook Stay At Home Dads.