Are you a rookie Dad or a seasoned veteran Dad when comparing yourself to the other parents during pickup at the schools final bell?  I was talking to a mom recently at final bell and her eldest boy had his first Prom last month as she got teary eyed in the process of telling me.  Then she said all straight faced, there was no drinking & driving, no late night call by his date’s dad wondering where the hell his daughter was at at 2AM.  She looked at me still misty eyed and said “I guess we raised him right, I am so proud”.

If you are not yet reached the point of waiting for final school bell to ring at school signaling release of all captives to go run and play like crazy after school you can probably figure out how you should classify yourself.  I mean nothing derogatory by that, as I will entering the realm older class elementary school parents in the fall, I am hardly a seasoned vet, more like an advanced rookie.

Seasoned vets get to deal with items like talking Birds and the Bees with their kids and scoring their first “home run” that has nothing to do with sports.  Seasoned vets get to experience or hopefully experience the kids first bout with the dry heaves after his kids pound their first Boonesberry cocktail x2.5 with a 16 year old girl; as well as hopefully not having to teach the consequences of drinking and driving because they raised their kids better and the know what not to do.  Maybe it’s their first time busted puffing a joint, I am talking real world schnitzke here.

And there you were all relieved when your kid pooped in the toilet by themselves and no more sippy, a moral victory and rightfully so, you may commence to party on…

OK done?  Hang on tight you may be getting ready for the ride of your life!

Remember how you were/felt when you were 16?  Maybe pre Internet so your imagination was only limited by your friends local knowledge and maybe a Penthouse, but nowadays lookout!  Information is rampant on how to raise hell and not get caught.

You Tube and Social Media are everywhere, are you ready to take on a different kind of terrorism with different tactics?

You better start your homework now, because as your kids grow, their problems grow exponentially.

Now that I have made your day, you may return to your daily battle on Viagra SPAM.  Safe surfing~