Editor’s note: This post was originally made on April 9th. On July 17th, The National At-Home Dad Network announced the decision to postpone HomeDadCon 2020 until 2021. That post can be read here.

Hello, Brothers!

It seems that the world has turned upside down and sideways over the last several weeks due to Covid-19. (Has it only been weeks?!) The Board of Directors of The National At-Home Dad Network (NAHDN) wanted to let you know that this hasn’t deterred us from continuing our mission to work on making the organization stronger and build up our A.C.E.S. pillars.

Hopefully, many of you have had a chance to take advantage of the webinar that was put on about homeschooling tips, which Matt Strain worked hard on organizing and producing on short notice after Covid-19 took over our lives. If you haven’t yet, try and do so. The replay of it is available to you all as a resource. https://youtu.be/GdJAEEhnKts  In this time of uncertainty it can provide you with helpful ways of managing the needs of the kids who were affected by school closures. For instance, I am trying to juggle the needs of a 1st and 7th grader – two vastly different needs. I’m sure there are many of you who may have more demands than I!

We are still working on having our 25th HomeDadCon take place in Cincinnati, October 8-10th. Considering the current situation regarding Covid-19, we are not leaving anything to chance and are working on a contingency plan should it affect the possibility of an on-site convention. If it comes to it, we will let you know.

We are also developing a true membership program that we plan to roll-out in the next month or so. The NAHDN is not just a convention, but so much more.

Be the strong caregivers that we know you can be. I know that this whole change to home life has challenged me to be even more patient and resilient in the face of the new needs in my household. I’ve lost my temper (more than once), but I’ve used the things I’ve learned from being an at-home dad to manage and handle the stress and demands. Reach out to the other dads in the private Facebook group. Ask for a reprieve from the kids from your significant other. Go for a drive, walk, ride your motorcycle – do what you love to do to decompress. It is deserved considering the new stressors that much of this has put on you.

Most of all, stay safe & heed the advice of social distancing. Hopefully, we all come out of this better fathers, husbands, and caregivers.

President, The National At-Home Dad Network