Once again my wife is leaving on a work trip. Her job takes her all over the US to different offices and for days at a time. (or almost the entire month of August, God Help me) This means that I become a temporary single parent. 24/7 I am the last line of defense between my kids and the world or between the world and my kids, to be honest, I am not sure whom I am protecting from whom.

For the most part, things go pretty smooth. Less help for me but our schedule really doesn’t change. But there are a few things do change when she is out of town. So I figured I would give her peek in home life when she is on the road. I mean she needs something to do on the plane right?

5. We eat bad food. – Now don’t think we are eating candy and ice cream for every meal. I still enjoy cooking and want the kids to be healthy. The fun stuff, that you think is gross? Yep, we eat that.  Franks and Beans? Check. Frozen pizza? Check. Mac and Cheese with Hamburger? Check. If I like it and it isn’t too hard to make we are probably going to eat it. I will save the salmon with a pineapple salsa for when your home and can appreciate the work that goes into a meal like that. When it is just the kids and I, simple and good rule.

4. The kids picked out their clothing. – I know you want the girls to look cute. I know you put a lot of time into planning and coordinating their outfits. I also know that I don’t care what they wear to play in the dirt out back. If they decide they want pink shorts, a blue and yellow striped shirt, and an orange headband, they probably are. Don’t worry, I will put them into something cute right before you get home.

3. Speaking of getting home, I don’t clean up until you’re on the way home.  –  I know you like the house clean. I don’t leave dirty dishes laying around, but the toys don’t get picked up. I used to pick them up and the kids would get them out minutes later. To save on a visit to the doctor buy Viagra Sildenafil online from trusted pharmacies here https://www.rmhc-richmond.org/buy-viagra-100/. The only way I could keep the house kinda clean was to clean up after they go to bed. Once they woke back up the room was trashed again. Basically, I was moving toys out of the way so the cat didn’t trip over them at night.  It’s too much work and as you know, I hate our cat.

2. Grandma has probably been here, and more than once. – Until the girls are old enough to not need constant supervision there is a good chance Grandma has stopped by. It could be for a reason as simple as I needed a break or needed to run an errand. But the chances of the girls seeing Grandma greatly increase when you are not here. (especially during the summer when I might be able to get a tee time).

1. We miss you. –  The girls and I miss you. Hurry home.