“I just got an email from a TODAY Show producer. They want to know if they could come and record a day in my life as a stay at home dad” I said to my wife one evening.

She looked at me like I was kidding and said “Oh yeah? How do you feel about that?”

I said “I think I want to do it. It’s a great opportunity to share what stay at home dads go through everyday and you  know with me, it will be real”

“Yeah,” she said, “I’d like to see what happens during the day. I’d watch that!”

The emails followed from the producer of the segment, Josh Weiner, who told me that he wanted to follow me for a day and record what goes on with my life as a stay at home dad.  I agreed, and found out quickly through my network of dads, that two other guys I know were also going to be followed — Pat Jacobs of JustADad247 and Mike Heenan of AtHomeDadMatters — as well as one I didn’t, Frank Lowe of Gay-at-Home Dad.  The segment, which aired Thursday, June 12th at 8:30am was part of the TODAY Show’s Modern Dads series the week leading up to Father’s Day.

I told my kids what was going on, as much as you can explain to a three and six year old about what is about to happen. “We’re going to be on TV AGAIN?” is what Sarah (6) said. I had appeared on the local news about a consignment sale that the Philly Dads Group was participating in and was interviewed while they circled my legs. Kids, as we all know, say whatever is on their minds so we didn’t know just how ready NBC was for our kids but we wanted to share just what it meant for SAHDs to be Modern Dads.

Josh was slated to arrive at 8am, but because of traffic through Philadelphia, arrived in our neighborhood at 8:23 as we were headed to the bus stop to drop off my oldest son, Adam.

“Are you the camera guy who is supposed to be recording us today?” she asked.

“Yes I am. It is very nice to meet you.” he replied.

“You’re late!” she fired back.

Welcome to a glimpse into the stay at home dad life, TODAY show!