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My 2 Year Old Is Addicted to Video Games

by Chris Bernholdt

When I was a kid, my parents didn’t follow the norm. Most of my friends had Atari. Some of them had Coleco Vision and I had a gaming system created by Bally, the same company that made pinball machines.  No one I knew ever heard of the games my brothers and I played so when my friends […]

Being That Dad

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

A dad who is the oddity in parenting circles (moms world) and how freaky it is, I won’t rehash what has already been hashed out. What I will hash out on is being labeled as “That Dad” in your own local youth sports arena, it’s something/somewhere/someone you don’t want to do/go/be.

Dad vs. Wild

Sweet Summertime! Do you camp? More importantly… Do your kids like to camp? I am not talking hardcore backpacking here, where you have to cary your means of surviving on your back, as that’s way beyond the scope of camping and having fun with the kids.  Leave your thoughts of being Bear Gyillis and Man vs. Wild on the DVR, […]

Trying To Do Good

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

With all my involvement in youth activities I find myself embroiled in more drama than what happened in my Good, Bad and Ugly post earlier this past fall. Drama seems to want to find me, KRIKEE! This time it’s in my Cub Scout Bear Den and I am not at liberty to discuss the detail […]

The Good the Bad the Ugly

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

Organized youth sports is a great thing! Most of it is good but mixed in are the bad and the ugly. The good is pretty self evident and I will not expound on what you already know.  In summary it gets the kids off the couch and computer and gets then active.  It build self […]

SAHD, Day 1

by Shannon Carpenter

So you’ve decided to become a stay at home dad!  Congratulations on your new career choice.  You’ve told the old boss good luck, you’ve discussed things with your wife, and you have totally realized that from this point on you will never be able to poop in private again.  Good for you. You get up […]

YMCA and Doing It Right

Another summer is upon up, sweet! Something even sweeter is the age appropriate Y summer camp for the kiddos! Even for the younger set, they offer a two or three time a week Toddler Time for developing social interaction skills and for the older wild bunches they offer a complete day camp complete with field […]

What Have You Got To Lose?

This level of activity will decrease your risk of heart disease, Type II diabetes and colon cancer. You’ll be healthier, stronger and have more energy. So what have you got to lose? Just look down and see those beaming eyes looking and wanting to be like you!

And I’m Free, I’m Free Fallin’

There was a point in our life where gravity just sucked, a point when we were trying to walk, then ride a bike, then skateboarding the skatepark.The skatepark experience could be a whole post of its own, a post I will have to write write while at the said skatepark so I can describe THAT […]

What I Love And Hate About Cooking For My Family

by John Donohue

I love cooking for my family so much that I decided to write a book about it called, “Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers who Cook for their Families.” But as in any rewarding relationship, there are a multitude of emotions. I’m also angry and frustrated, but I suppose if we’re being honest, that describes […]