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Stuff Dads Say : By Mark Vander Ley

Mark Vander Ley is a Christian husband, father, and therapist. He is passionate about helping parents navigate the sometimes-difficult path of parenthood.  Check out his new book caled Stuff Dads Say : The Most Important Messages From Dad. For the next few days his book will be available FREE as a downloadable Kindle version.

Skinny Mommies–Fat Kids

by Barack Levin

Mother’s day has come  and mothers everywhere celebrated this beautiful occasion. I believe it is a wonderful and very well derived day for mothers of all kind. They work so hard during the year and do not get the appreciation they deserve. Personally, I think that one day a year is not enough but this […]

Guest Blog: The Value of a Good Library and a Good Librarian

by Chris Singer

I love saying “We have a monthly story time for the local chapter of the National Organization of Stay at Home Dads.” It sounds so cool when you say it out loud, and people’s faces just light up when they hear it. It is cool, for so many reasons, not the least of which parents […]