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1983 was Mr. Mom’s Year; 2013 it’s Dad’s

by Chris Bernholdt

Back in 1983, the cell phone on the left was the norm but so was calling a dad who stays at home a “Mr. Mom.” Looking at the two cell phones in a side by side comparison, we have come pretty far. As cell phones have evolved, so have the roles of fathers in their […]

Convention Speakers and Sessions

The National At-Home Dad Network (formerly Daddyshome, Inc.) announces the speaker and break-out session lineup as well as a unique Friday Meet & Greet Event for the upcoming 17th Annual At-Home Dads Convention. The convention, one of the longest running national gathering for fathers, will be the weekend of Oct. 6 in the Washington, D.C. […]

Green Eggs and Painting

by Shannon Carpenter

I’m being a bit cranky.  In fact, I’m being a down right ass today.  It’s not even a righteous anger, an anger that you can get behind.  An anger that has some sort of morality basis to it.  Like when I’m angry that my sports team loses because they can’t find it in their hearts […]

The Importance of the Hammer

by Shannon Carpenter

“Put down the hammer” I tell my 5 year old daughter.  She is not sure if she is going to obey me yet, you can see her working it out.  Option 1 is that she could put down the hammer and go get the chainsaw.  Of course the chainsaw can do way more damage if […]

Empty Nest

by RFarrell

Are men supposed to have the empty-nest syndrome? I’m starting to think that we are. The first day of my boys going back to school, I was fairly well put together, until I got home. My wife was gone at work, my step-son was nowhere to be found, and I was all alone in the […]

Only 3 Degrees, Blog Talk Radio

by Shannon Carpenter

Recently some of your very own Daddyshome members were interviewed by Mrs. Denai Downs of the blog talk radio show Only 3 Degrees.   This seems a great way to follow up with the success of the most recent convention held in Washington D.C. this past weekend. This is part 1 of a three part […]

The Convention is Coming!

by Al Watts

The 16th Annual At-Home Dads Convention is almost here! The Convention is THIS Saturday, October 8, in Alexandria, VA and there is still time to register. Go to our website,, for extensive details. Our most popular speaker from the last few years is returning as our Featured Speaker with a new study about the […]

Chuck and Friends: Friends For The Long Haul

by Mike Bowling

Tonka “Chuck and Friends: Friends for the Long Haul” Produced by Ruckus Mobile Media and Hasbro Compatible with the Iphone or Ipad. Growing up I was always a fan of Tonka trucks, and my 3-year-old son Sam is no different. Tonka’s “Chuck and Friends” line of toys has already filled his toy box with a variety […]


by Shannon Carpenter

It has been implied that the life of a stay at home day is not very traditional.  That we have bucked the society norms and shunned our responsibility.  It hasn’t been so much as implied as out right said.  Man do I love being judged. But today I bring a different theory to the table. […]

A Look Inside

by Charles Wasleski

I seem to keep things to myself. I keep a lot of emotion locked up inside.  I don’t let a lot of people in and when I do, I cling to them so they will not go.  I know I have some emotional problems that I have to deal with daily. I know that there […]