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Stay Alone Dad

by Bryan Alkire

Once again my wife is leaving on a work trip. Her job takes her all over the US to different offices and for days at a time. (or almost the entire month of August, God Help me) This means that I become a temporary single parent. 24/7 I am the last line of defense between […]

When Caregivers Become The Cared For

by fleetsuper

As we get older many of us will be in the situation of taking care of our parents as they get older. It’s something that I have actually been dealing with for many years, but has become more acute of late. For me it started about 25 years ago when one day I saw my […]

Dear Mom Teddy Bears are PETA friendly

by Msager

Dear Mom Teddy Bears are PETA friendly I am thinking of starting a Teddy Bear farm. Why you may ask? Because Teddy Bears are PETA friendly. Last Christmas I was standing in line with my little girl Claire. The two women in front of us evidently were acquaintances and were catching up after not seeing […]