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Are You Sharing Too Much?

by Bryan Alkire

Are you sharing too much? Am I sharing too much? I mean a quick search of my name and you will find a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and my personal blog.  On all of them, you will find stories, details, and pictures of my family. Any number of people can, with only a little bit of research, […]

#DadTweets of the Week Vol. 4

by Greg Washington

Welcome to #DadTweets where we scour Twitter for the best Tweets of the week by dads to share with our readers. Found a funny or inspiring tweet? Tag us in the post with #dadtweets and @homedadnet! Fatherhood: having your heart simultaneously swell and break because mini me cries when you have to leave. #dadtweets — […]

Upcoming Twitter Chats with the NAHDN

by Greg Washington

Sept. 19: @HomeDadNet #AHDConvention Sept. 26: @HomeDadNet #AHDConvention Post-Convention chat Oct. 3: @AnimalJam #AnimalJam Oct. 10: @ThirdPathIns Jessica DeGroot Oct. 17th: Ryan Hamilton @DaddyDev_Ryan of DadddyDev talking about kids and code Oct 24th: RC Liley @going_dad – Going Dad #sahdfitness Oct 31st: Halloween -bye week or informal halloween chat Nov. 7th: Johnny T @Jhonnytthatsme – Johnny […]