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1983 was Mr. Mom’s Year; 2013 it’s Dad’s

by Chris Bernholdt

Back in 1983, the cell phone on the left was the norm but so was calling a dad who stays at home a “Mr. Mom.” Looking at the two cell phones in a side by side comparison, we have come pretty far. As cell phones have evolved, so have the roles of fathers in their […]

Rooks and Vets

Are you a rookie Dad or a seasoned veteran Dad when comparing yourself to the other parents during pickup at the schools final bell?  I was talking to a mom recently at final bell and her eldest boy had his first Prom last month as she got teary eyed in the process of telling me. […]

Stay-At-Home Dads More Likely to Divorce?

by Al Watts

Time’s Healthland reported last month that stay-at-home dads are more likely to divorce. It is NOT TRUE. What’s even worse is the title they chose for the URL. That is downright shameful. The article, which has been picked up by several other sources, refers to a study led by Dr. Liana Sayer of Ohio State […]

What I have in common with Barack Obama

by Al Watts

Barack Obama is an attorney from Harvard who is pretty good at basketball and has recently kicked his smoking habit. I am an 8 year at-home dad from Iowa State who can rarely hit a jump shot and have never smoked since my asthma already sufficiently limits my capacity to breath. There is one thing […]

Stay APPS Home Dad

by Mike Bowling

Admit it folks. We’ve all been there. Stuck in line at the DMV and you’ve got two kids that are post-morning-snack pre-lunch-meal and a long line with the end of it happening in about 2014. For those of us lucky enough to have a smartphone (hopefully with a fully charged battery) its time to hit […] Donated to Daddyshome

by Al Watts

Today, I am thrilled to announce that, the most popular forum for stay-at-home dads on the web, has been donated to Daddyshome, Inc., The National At-Home Dad Network. This is a monumental day in the history of the at-home dad community. But it all started back in 2005. The Annual At-Home Dad’s Convention had […]

Role Reversal

by Shannon Carpenter

The total role reversal of this is not lost on me.  It would be almost comical if it wasn’t dragging feelings of inadequacy on my part. My wife starts a new job today thus enabling the kids and I to continue to stalk Dora the Explorer on every channel she might ever appear on.  I […]

Planning a Dad’s Night Out

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

So if you are new with your group and are concerned with your numbers, don’t be. Just persevere with the knowledge that you are connecting with some Dads and your number is better than zero! After all our national AtHomeDads Convention brings in less than 200 every year, nationwide, and is growing thanks to sites like this.

Rock It Like a Hurricane

by Shannon Carpenter

I push a stroller.  Check that.  I rock a stroller.  I rock that 4 wheeled double seating behemoth like a mofo.  I rock that thing like Mick Jagger rocks a stadium.  I rock my stoller like  Takeru Kobayashi rocks a hot dog (he’s the Japanese hot dog eating champ.)  I have put all pretenses aside brothers, […]


by lsomerfeld

 STARTING Your Local Group  Set up an Internet site for your group.  At a minimum, set up an email account so people can contact you. You can set up a free blog with WordPress or Blogger, or a website with for a small fee.  You can also use Yahoo or Google groups to set […]