File:Lightmatter paperwork.jpgWe here at Daddyshome don’t usually schill for many people or products .  Mostly that is because we have no money to buy things and as single income households, you pretty much don’t either.

However, we do love to particpate in studies.  Recently the KCDADS were asked to participate in a study of a grad student, Pam.  She came to play groups, saw us interact with the kids and took careful notes on how to be super awesome.  Then she left and we started drinking.

But all jokes aside, Pam submitted the beginning of her paper and forwarded some of the results to us.  Apparently, her professors liked what she was doing and so she is continuing with the study on at home dads on a much larger scale.

And here comes the request:

I like being studied.  I like when At Home Dads are studied.  It’s good for all of us or at least I hope it is.  Pam is asking for anyone that is interested to follow the link below and take a few minutes to fill out a survey.  She will use the results for her thesis.  We can do two things here:  1.  we can help out a student and again demonstrate how very cool and giving we At Home Dads are and 2. we can provide much needed opinions from the guys that do this every day.

Take a second and clink on the link to complete the survey.  I’ll buy you an ice cream cone at the convention.

At Home Dad Survey