All in all this Google Netbook is everything and more you will ever need and there is no Microsoft registration keys, lengthy .exe installations, CD ROMs or drives, anywhere, period.

It keeps getting better with time!

Remember though, this is not Windows or even Windows xx and things are minimally different but better, and everything runs inside of a Google Chrome window as this photo indicates, another view of the desktop with a workspace open is at the bottom of the article.
Minimally different!

If you run a Blog and have all the FTP transfer setup work done, you are good to go and this is the machine for you but there are free FTP apps available.  There are free FTP Apps but I just use Windows to FTP with because I don’t feel like reinventing the wheel with MySQL users and passwords.  Both my Joomla and WordPress installations work just fine.  For the three weeks, I’ve used my Samsung Chrome OS Netbook as my primary (only) computer, and it’s been a blast. Using a “just enough”, basically Chrome-only system provided me a rare chance to reexamine what it is I really needed to be productive.  Internet, web browser, keyboard and screen is all I basically use day in/day out.  Having incredible battery strength, allows me to sit in the shade on my back deck and input this as I enjoy my morning Joe as the birds sing to me.

Chances are you are online 90% of the time anyway and being the primary care giving guy in the family you are not crunching intensive Excel spreadsheets, Auto CAD or the like or any other .exe programs you will be fine.  Probably the most intensive thing you use on a PC is photo editing software, there are over 50 free apps at last count, only 1 was for cost and that was $1.99.  Maybe like me, you are into video editing, there were 10+, none of which I have used but I will when the opportunity to shoot some action.  First and foremost you need a Gmail account and password to log on with,  and if you are already using Gmail chances are you also use other Google things like maps, Picasa and the like because you sign in and all your stuff is already there waiting for you, e mail, bookmarks, photos because everything is already in your cloud.

Pure Awesomeness!Size (LWH): 11.6 inches, 8.6 inches, 0.8 inches Weight: 3.26 pounds

Blue Screen of Death: Nonexistent

Hard Drive: 0, it runs off a 16 gig solid state drive that boots in seconds, not minutes.

Memory: 2GB, and it’s upgradable.  204-PIN PC3-8500 SODIMM DDR3  $13.98

Screen Size 12.1 inch  Not huge, but adequate enough and bigger than my Dell Mini Netbook.

3G Web Access:  Yes if you bought that upgrade, I did not because I already have a USB Dongle for my Virgin Mobile account.  I still need to see if there is going to be a Broadband To Go app.  I don’t use it that often anyway with all the free connections around these days.

USB Ports: 2

Mini VGA Dongle Port: 1

Speakers: Yes -although you won’t rock the house, you can still hear music or your account just fine.

Web Cam: Yes

Memory card expansion slot: Yes

Battery life: Up to 8 hours with reports of 10, I have yet to drain my battery, Update 3 h 18 m later 0f use and down to 59%.

Minimally different!

Notice all keys are lowercase, no CAP lock on the left and no f keys.

Keyboard: Full size hybrid, this isn’t your daddy’s keyboard!  There are no useless function keys (F1,F2 etc.) across the top, they are replaced by meaningful web, brightness and volume buttons.  There is no delete key and if you have grown accustomed to it, you will miss it but get over it fast enough and make your own workarounds.  Seeing all the keys with lower case letters is pretty awesome and lets you know things are different now.
Touch pad: a mondo huge Synaptic touch pad.  This will take some getting used to if you like the right click save as  or spell check function. They are still there but you need to push and hold alt and the lower right corner to bring up the context sub menu.  It has click-able corners or you can set it to tap to click.  I have yet to figure out how to scroll with it.  I use  Logitech USB mouse so I don’t have to be a slave of the touch-pad because like I said, the right click function using the keyboard/touch-pad combo is just weird.

Documentation:  Pretty much non existent, I guess that’s why we have Google right?  Every question I’ve had has been found on Google.

Any accessories I plug in so far just work, no new hardware found no drier installs, it just works!  Computing the way it should be.

I wave used Window, Ubuntu, OS5 and Google Chrome by far outshines them all!  If you are Internet based like I am, why spend major bucks when Google and Samsung have products that open up the Internet in a far and affordable way!  If you are still unsure you can install a disk image to a 2 GB thumb drive and boot from it like I did.   Google Chromium OS on a thumb drive to learn more.

Play with it like I did and within 30 minutes I was sold!

Netbook on Amazon

Update: One month in and I’e used this bitcase for everything other than video edits and making movies and for that I just used the fire’s kitchen PC.  This is totally awesome!  2 GB memory is not an issue at all.

The PC speed is only limited by your Internet connection.

Finding and joining public WIFI is a no brainer.  This PC’s is only limit is the user (you) in it’s interface.  It is so user intuitive that that there is really no control panel for settings.  The only thing to get used to is the start box being in the lower right corner of the screen and from there you adjust screen brightness and other options like clearing the cache, battery strength, keyboard language and the clock.  Using an external wireless mouse was going to happen for me anyway so the right click context menu works as it should.

The only irritation, however minor, is where the Cap Lock key used to be, it’s now populated with a search function which opens a new Google search window.  Update: File sharing between computers has proven difficult because there is no File Manager to explore network users on.

Notice if you will is thw quick launch toolbar at the lower left, at the lower right is the Start Square with clock battery gauge and your active wifi connection.  Click the Start Box and you get more options as you can see in the last .jpeg below this one.  if you click “Settings and help” n the bottom .jpeg a new Browser window opens with you guessed it, Chrome settings.

This ain’t your Dads computer, but you, as a Dad need this device!

The look
Still minimally different!

Google got it right, so did I, will you?