The National At-Home Dad Network spent much of the time at the Dad 2.0 Summit last week encouraging dads and brands to help it abolish the term “Mr. Mom.”

Red buttons with a slash through the words “Mr. Mom” were passed out and worn proudly by many conference participants. Many signed the pledge promising not to call a man caring for his kid a “Mr. Mom.” Just dad, is what people were encouraged to call, well, a dad.

As explained in an earlier press release (PDF):

“[T]he term unfortunately is the most common label for dads who are the primary caregivers for their children. The name is an inaccurate view of fathers and implies that men are doing a woman’s job. The National At-Home Dad Network wants to make it clear that these fathers are simply parents, too.”

The movie, “Mr. Mom,” from where the term originates, was released 30 years ago. The term has taken a long time to end it’s usefulness and with the support of those at Dad 2.0 to ending the use of it, “Mr. Mom” may become a thing of the past very soon.