Today we launched a new and improved website for The National At-Home Dad Network here at

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The site is an extension of our mission to provide education, support and advocacy for fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children and the hard work of many generous at-home dads.

Now you can easily find a dad’s group near you or use our proven step-by-step process to start one in your town. There is a vibrant blog where you can read about the experiences of at-home dads and share your opinions. Facebook and Twitter discussions among other stay-at-home dads are also all right here on our site. And there are opportunities to join in our campaigns to advocate on behalf of stay-at-home fathers (such as this year’s “‘Mr. Mom’ is Dead” campaign).

This is something that has been in the works for about two years. Many discussions and hard work were squeezed in between nap times and late nights when they could have been resting up for another busy day of parenting. These at-home dads deserve our immense gratitude!

First, I need to thank Mike Biewenga of Chicago, IL. He originally started this site to connect the at-home dad community in 2006. He made this site into the go-to site for stay at-home dads and then in 2011 generously donated it to The National At-Home Dad Network so it continue to grow and connect the at-home dad community.

Second, I need to thank Bob Boisvert of Largo, FL. He has managed our websites since 2010 and has done a terrific job keeping them running smoothly. His redesign of our Convention site a few years ago received rave reviews and was instrumental in dramatically increasing our attendance at the Convention the last 2 years.

Third, I need to thank Chris Routly of Portland, OR. He is the main architect behind this redesign. His vision and simple but bold design is exactly what the at-home dad community deserves in an online community website.

Fourth, I need to thank Chad Welch of St. Peters, MO. He is our “marketing guru” and has been intimately involved in the look and feel of the redesigned site. A lot of the images you will see on the site come from the creative mind of Chad.

And finally, and most importantly, I need to thank all of you. Whether you are visiting us for the fist time or have been visiting this site regularly for years, you are what makes this community great. You help others out with advice on potty training or make a snappy comeback to someone who calls you “Mr. Mom.” You make new stay-at-home dads welcome and you offer all who visit here camaraderie, confidence and empowerment.

Bear HugSpeaking as one who has been a regular visitor to this site for 6 years, I am humbled by how committed and engaged you guys are to making life better for other at-home dads. I greatly appreciate all that you sacrifice to make me a better dad and husband.

So, give yourselves a virtual high 5, fist bump or bear hug – whatever makes you feel like you just got a great big THANK YOU!!!