My 14-month-old daughter Tessa’s favorite book right now is Chicka Chicka ABC. It’s a classic children’s book by Bill Martin Jr. about the letters climbing up the coconut tree. My daughter loves it, and not just because I read it in a really silly way to her. She’s starting to notice these letters all over the place lately and any book which is about the alphabet seems to be of keen interest to her. As a result, I thought I’d share with you my ABCs of being a SAHD, which shall we say, uniquely summarizes the 14 months I’ve been a SAHD.

Always be prepared for anything. This became my mantra after I left the diaper bag at home one day.

Babies and Books: Our favorite activity of the week at our local library.

Cloth diapers are dirty. Cloth diapers are clean. The cycle repeats over and over. When can we start potty training?

Dancing baby. Just watch.

Everyday presents a different challenge, obstacle or milestone.

First steps milestone at 13 months 3 weeks!

Good lord, I used 10 baby wipes on that diaper change!

Hungry. Note to self: Avoid allowing Tessa to get this sensation at all costs. Also, my answer to every time Tessa cried.

I love being a SAHD.

Just wait until she starts walking, then you’ll be sorry.

Kozlowski. He’s our doctor. I have the number memorized AND in my address book.

Likes: Food, kisses, music, Elmo and people (These are Tessa’s likes. Could be some of mine as well but I’m not saying).

Mommy’s almost home.

No experience in my life thus far has been as incredible as the past 14 months have been. I’m not saying it’s been easy, but it’s definitely been an amazing opportunity and experience.

Oh my God. It flew out of her butt like it was shot out of a cannon. Then it hit the wall. Six feet away.

Please, please just take a nap.

Quick before she wakes up! Go to the bathroom, eat, clean up, go online for a few minutes and then take a quick nap. Oh crap, she’s already awake.

Rubber duck bath tub. Again, you only need to watch.

Sleep. What the &$%^ is that?

Teething is hell.

Unbelievable. This can be many things regarding my experience as a new father, being a SAHD, watching my daughter grow and develop etc… Or it could also be the 10 pound load Tessa just dropped in her diaper.

Vestiphobia is a fear of clothing. Nah, I just think Tessa likes being naked.

Water. Tessa loves her bath time, and loves the water.

X-ersaucer. Please indulge me one more time and watch.

Yes dear, I’ll make sure I empty the dishwasher. And I’ll water the garden. And I’ll feed Tessa what you told me to feed her…

Zzzzzzzzz…..(I’m exhausted. Good night!)