The 16th Annual At-Home Dads Convention is almost here!

The Convention is THIS Saturday, October 8, in Alexandria, VA and there is still time to register. Go to our website,, for extensive details.

Our most popular speaker from the last few years is returning as our Featured Speaker with a new study about the wives of at-home dads. Dr. Aaron Rochlen from the University of Texas-Austin has become the most prominent researcher on at-home dads and is now expanding that research to discover more about how families in our unique situation operate. Some of his findings, I hear, are predictable, such as how much our wives dislike our cleaning methods but many things he found were quite surprising.

Following his presentation, the co-author of his study, Dr. Marianne Dunn from Towson University, will engage all of us in a discussion about how we can use this knowledge to make our marriage work a little better. This information alone is worth the price of registration!

Of course, that is not all we will be discussing. There is an awesome line-up of guest speakers from the Smithsonian to the Arlington Public Library to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children to even Postpartum Support International who will talk about how us dads can suffer from postpartum depression. Also, we are very excited to have two sessions from Dr. Rene Hackney, an extremely popular developmental psychologist in the DC area who hosts “Parenting Playgroups” where she helps parents raise happy and successful kids.

There will be lots of opportunities to relax, have fun and network with other at-home dads too! Daddyshome believes a strong social support network is vital to being a successful at-home dad. Activities such as the Meet & Greet on Friday night before the Convention and the dinner after the Convention, not to mention all the times between sessions during the Convention, are dedicated to getting to know each other and, hopefully, establish some friendships that last beyond the Convention.

I met some of my best friends at the Convention. And I call, email or Facebook them all the time when I need advice or just a laugh to lighten my mood. These types of friendships have a lot to do with why a two or three year expected stint as an at-home dad has turned into nine years and counting.

If there is any possibility you can make it to this Convention, please come! The registration fee is only $75 and we can find you a roommate at the hotel pretty easily by emailing

If you can’t make it, please try to get involved. We will be posting blogs here and updating our ForumFacebookandTwitter constantly. Read them, make some comments, ask some questions and repost what you think is interesting. Be part of the experience from wherever you are… and starting making plans to come next year to Washington DC on October 6, 2012!