Organized youth sports is a great thing!

Most of it is good but mixed in are the bad and the ugly.

The good is pretty self evident and I will not expound on what you already know.  In summary it gets the kids off the couch and computer and gets then active.  It build self confidence and esteem as well as coordination.

It’s always fun to win at something, what builds character is the trials, tribulations and frustrations of being able to win the game and as parents we need to be focused on building a good solid player with good fundamentals.  Remember it’s these fundamentals that build a solid successful career.

The bad and ugly centers around us parents, and that’s truly a sad, bad thing.  as parents it is all too easy to get caught up with the score, primarily the W column; remember the kid who always ended up crying, not from any physical injury but the mental anguish from the over zealous parent.  Sometime it was that same parent who gets in a shoving match with either the coach, ump or referee.  and that my friends in embarrassing!

This past fall I got into a email struggle turned to a ear to ear discussion over the phone with our old coach/league about playing favorites that kids who are 7, 8, and 9 years old just don’t understand why they no longer play with their old teammates and play with another team.  So if you go the route I did make sure you know the rules and the coaches and league stick to them.

With me it was an issue of the league being divided into 3 different age groups according to their .com and then the parent/coaches got involved and reworked the rules without formal meetings or league notification and the 3 skill divisions turned into weight divisions with the upper weight division having free reign and being designated the elite team and a free pick of all the kids in the league for that team  and that’s just plain wrong and what I called them on it.  Into secret meetings the league officials went but came away with no answers and nothing changed.

What did I do?

I patched my kid’s ego the best I could and got involved in coaching our team so I could attack the beast within from another angle at the end of the season.  So in the mean time I am instructing kids in playing fair and to the best of their abilities and formulating note and working on a game plan of attack when the season is over.  This saga is far from over and I will be talking about the processes involved on my Blog as well as here.

So in summery, the bad and ugly of youth sports is the parents!