Princess: What’s for dinner?

Me: Fish. Mommy thawed it out.

Princess: I don’t like it!

Me: You’ve never had it before. And it doesn’t taste like anything.

Princess: *whimper* (stomp stomp stomp)

Well, that was encouraging. Dinner time: Baked Tilapia, in a nice Olive oil and Apple juice marinade. Chicken flavored rice with a side of Green Beans. Not bad. She won’t touch the fish. Rice is gone. Beans are gone:

Princess: I ate all my beans. Can I have some more rice?

Me: You need to try the fish. I promise it’s good. Look. Monkey’s eating it.

Princess: Monkey eats anything. (she’s got me there) And I don’t like it! (Whining all the way)

Me: Just a little bite. Here.

Princess: chew chew “Eewwww”

Me: Swallow it!

Wife: You need to eat this much. (Cuts a piece)

Princess: It’s too big!

Me: Fine. Here. (cuts into smaller pieces) You need to eat three pieces.

Princess: THHRREEEE?

Wife: Ok, two. But you stay there until you finish.

Dinner almost done. Princess got a little more rice. Monkey needs to be changed.

Me: You need to eat those two pieces.

Princess: (enthusiastically) OK! I will.

Something is up. She sounded too eager. Set Monkey on changing pad. Walk back down hall. Look around corner. “HEY!” In front of the trash, Princess looks up. Eyes wide. Yup. BUSTED! Sent to room. 30 minutes later, She’s out. Sent back to room. One hour later, let her out of room. Time for bed. Take vitamin. Go brush teeth. Good Night! Think she’ll try it again? Yup. Get busted again? YUP!