Following on the heels of Out With the Kids writer Jeff Bogle and his presentation called “Kids Music Doesn’t Have to Suck” the 2015 National At Home Dad Convention participants in Raleigh learned about a genre of music that is growing and changing the kid’s music scene called Kindie Rock.  With so many great artists of our 20 something years now having families, many of these artists are now making music for kids that is still kid friendly but lets them rock out with the best of them.  I was fortunate enough to attend Kidchella in Philadelphia last year where The Not-Its performed songs from their smash hit “Raise Your Hand”.

Danny Adamson and the rest of the The Not-Its! have recently traveled to India where they will be one of the musical headliners for Buddy Daddy Family Bash, a three-day event billed as India’s first-ever live family-entertainment festival. Guitarist Danny Adamson will be sending us reports on bringing their brand of American “kindie” music to this new audience of parents and his experience introducing his family to a new culture.  Catch updates and chances for free music downloads from the band by following posts here on the National At Home Dad Network and City Dads Group websites. In case you missed it, here is the first post on City Dads.

Day 2  by Danny Adamson 

Day 2 is Thursday, November 12th, because we lost November 11th due to travel. The ability for everyone to have slept 3 to 5 hours on our flight from Tokyo to New Delhi the day before, allowed most of us to sleep 4 or 5 hours during our first night at the hotel. We managed to wake at about 8 a.m. Delhi time and make it down to the hotel restaurant, which served everything from American classics (pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc), which the kids and I were stoked on, to awesome Indian fare. Did you know New Delhi is 13.5 hours ahead of Seattle? What’s with the half hour thing? I had no clue that any time zones went in half hour intervals. Weird and it makes it difficult to play the “Why am I so tired? Oh, because it’s (blah blah) o’clock back home” game, which I encourage my family not to play because it never helps you adjust!

After breakfast we hit the pool with the kids, changed our guitar strings while they swam and then headed over to the festival grounds to check out the scene and do a sound check. We were picked up at the hotel by our super cool point of contact, Suvir, who was our guy for everything we needed. He arranged for multiple cars to pick up our large, 13 person entourage wherever we need to go. We are finding the Indian culture to be one that is very accommodating for its guests.

When at the festival grounds, we haven’t carried our guitars once, or thrown away our own lunch plates. Always a volunteer or someone around who is willing to make the band and our families feel like rock stars. Tom (guitar) has a blonde 8 year old daughter who I’m likening to C3PO when he was worshiped as a god when he met the Ewoks. If there were a giant throne the locals could put her on and carry her atop their shoulders, they might. All the local kids flock to her, but they also want pictures with the other kids and us adults too.  Oh, I can’t forget to mention the monkeys. There are crazy wild monkeys all around the festival grounds looking to steal your food or your backpack. My wife, Rebecca, cannot handle this in any discrete way. She’s literally screaming and running when they get close, which the boys and I think is pretty funny.

f546f9c8-6c26-4ee7-b3ed-519a42585640When we left the festival grounds one car took a few of us out into the “real India” to attempt finding a cash machine and to track down some chewing gum. The first 3 cash machines we found we out of cash due to the Diwali festival happening the day before we arrived. Many people were in town and apparently they all wanted cash… One place we stopped had 3 cows all eating a bunch of trashy cardboard. Yum.

Back at the hotel, we all crashed out pretty hard in preparation for tomorrow’s first day of the 3 day Buddy Daddy Family Bash festival. We will really be getting looks and photo requests in our pink tutus and ties.


Note: The next installment of the Not-Its! tales of India will appear tomorrow on the City Dads Group then come back here on Thursday for the latest update on their adventures in India.