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If you’ve ever been on vacation with the kids you know that anything can happen. Nothing is more disconcerting than dealing with your little ones in a strange place away from the comforts of home.  You’re on vacation and you want to keep going but sometimes when traveling, life can throw you a curve ball.

I’ve been there too many times. While on a vacation with my parents from Chicago, planned months in advance to Washington D.C., my oldest threw up in the bed I was sharing with him. On my 40th birthday, on a special trip to New York City to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall for their Christmas Music Spectacular, my oldest daughter quietly threw up in the gigantic souvenir popcorn tub I hastily procured from the lobby after she had initially done it in a Lego gift bag I had from our earlier shopping trip to Rockefeller Center.

Imagine now that you’re in a foreign country and your kids get sick and you’re tired from the time change but tomorrow you have two shows to perform for so many families that are counting on you. That is what the Not-It’s are going through right now. But no matter how busy we are, sometimes we just need to take a breather and enjoy where we are in the moment.

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Day 4 by Danny Adamson 

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Today is Saturday, November 14th, the second day of the Buddy Daddy Family Bash. Two more concerts today and the crowd doubles in size by going from a Friday to a Saturday. This makes our shows even more fun! We had a few kids come up on stage with us and the crowd is slowly starting to figure out what to do while watching us. Much more jumping around now and they will actually engage when we ask them questions from stage, rather than be shy and hide behind their parents.

Playing twice makes it a long day, especially in the heat, and since the band was on lock down at the festival, we couldn’t leave. Some of our wives and kids escaped into Delhi to do a little sightseeing though. Michael’s son Oliver and Tom’s kids Watson & Camilla all came back with some authentic Indian tunic outfits. They look awesome!

The organizers of the event are an amazing couple named Vippul and Shivali. Little did we know that this day was Shivali’s birthday and Vippul threw her a pretty amazing party after the festival closed down for the day. Crazy dance party broke out with all of these Indian songs we did not know, then the DJ throws down “Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams, much to our surprise. Really? So confusing. They all knew the words too. I guess if you’re gonna party an American/Canadian song, it could be worse…

Our kids tore up the dance floor with us, along with their new friends. We were pooped and starting to get sore. With as much physical energy as we exert with our performance, 4 in two days will really take it out of you. Off to rest up so that we have energy for shows 5 & 6 tomorrow!