Tom at the monkey temple

With the Buddy Daddy Family festival finished, Danny and the The Not-Its have ventured out into Delhi to explore everything around them before they head home. Read about THE SHAKEDOWN from yesterday’s post on City Dads Group and find out what Danny ends up doing by himself while in India.

Day 8 by Danny Adamson 

Today is Wednesday, November 18th. Do you remember how I mentioned in our last post, that Michael got sick at the Amber Fort? Well now “Delhi Belly” is starting to rip through our crew. My 11 year old, Elliott, was up last night throwing up 14 times in 7 hours. Henry (my almost 13 year old) and I go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, and eat with just a few others because some of them are resting up, not feeling 100%. My family boards the tour bus at 9:30am to head back to Delhi. The other two families are staying in Jaipur to go visit a Monkey Temple and we hope to see some sights when we get to New Delhi.

The ride from Jaipur to Delhi takes roughly 4 hours. About an hour into the drive my son Henry gets sick into a plastic bag. I tie it off as if I were cleaning up after my dog on a walk, and put it toward the back of the bus near the toilet (which worked for about 2 hours on the first day we had the bus and is now broken and totally stinks). The smell is easier to handle with only 4 of us as we sit as far toward the front of the bus as possible to avoid it. Our drivers stop for lunch and we stay in the bus with Elliott sleeping on Rebecca’s lap and Henry asleep on mine. At this point, we cannot risk eating at a small roadside restaurant. Rebecca is starting to feel queasy, but is holding it together quite admirably. She was the trooper who stayed up through the night with Elliott the human vomit sprinkler. We get to Delhi in the afternoon, say goodbye to our amazing drivers and hit the hotel room for rest.

Our RAD bus drivers, Gary and Dennis


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Back in Jaipur, Michael is now upright so his family and Tom’s family visit the Monkey Temple. It was very colorful with lots of worship going down. They even got to hand feed the monkeys, which I am not sure I would have tried. After that, Tom’s son Watson & wife Amy got sick too. Silver lining is that much of this sickness is coming before a full day of airplane travel and not actually happening in the air!

Back in Delhi, my family had hoped to do some sightseeing, but instead are trapped in the hotel room of child sickness and mom queasiness. I’m the only one with an appetite so I order room service while everyone else lies down, watching movies like Pretty Woman. Really? That’s what we come to India for? To watch Pretty Woman? Ugh, I should have gone sightseeing on my own, but glad everyone is getting better. Tomorrow is our last day in town and maybe everyone will be up for some fun then!