All in all it was a good day.
Until the tantrum.

We had friends over.  We have had them over before.
You all know Hossman.  And the Minions: Little Hoss and Bubba Hoss.
Monkey loves it when they come over.

So far it was a rough day.
I tried to sleep in.  But The Warden wanted the other vehicle today.  I had to get up and switch them.
I tried to go back to sleep.  But in her hurry, The Warden didn’t feed our diabetic cat. (Story for another time.)
Again I tried to find the sweet arms of the Sandlady. (The Sandman and I have issues.)

But now Monkey is up and demanding food.  I’m wondering how much of his cereal he will spill on the floor.
Now I probably couldn’t get back to sleep if I tried.  I look at the clock.  Princess needs to get up for school.
I get her up.  She gets dressed and comes out.  She wants to make her own lunch.  I look at the clock.
Almost 9am.  I go out to start the car.  With temps below freezing, our 11 year old car needs a little TLC.

As we pull up to the school at 9:10, Princess informs me that the bus, which is to take her to her gifted classes that day has already gone.  There is some yelling and arm waving for the ride to the other building.
Then Monkey wants to go to McD for breakfast.   More yelling and hand waving.

By the time we get back home it’s almost time to go to playgroup.  I have to jump in the shower.
When I get out, I nearly walk out on a kid in the hallway.  Not my kid.  Hossman is early.
Little Hoss is in Monkey’s room.  Bubba trailing after.

Hossman and I play some games.  The kids play their own.  Lunch is quiet.   We get our fix on games and talk.  Before I know it. Hoss and the minions have to leave.  There is a little loud talking to put away toys.
Then many hugs goodbye.  Little Hoss can’t get enough when she leaves.

Finally!  Everyone is gone.  Monkey and I have the house to ourselves.

I say “You have been very grumpy today.  Too much yelling and screaming.  You are over-tired and need a time out.”

My reflection just stares back at me.   I give Monkey a snack and walk down the hall to my room.
Ahhh.  Time out.  Just what the doctor ordered.