With all my involvement in youth activities I find myself embroiled in more drama than what happened in my Good, Bad and Ugly post earlier this past fall.

Drama seems to want to find me, KRIKEE! This time it’s in my Cub Scout Bear Den and I am not at liberty to discuss the detail so please don’t ask.

As I emailed my Pack Leadership Team and Posted to my Facebook account “We are Scout Leaders and we are all volunteers, we don’t have to do what we do, but we do. 1 ex leader, as we are currently seeing, tests our will to continue to do what’s right for the boys.
Why don’t we just quit, walk away and be done with it all?
Strong leadership and unity will overcome, for WE are the Boy Scouts of America!”

I am getting too old for all this extracurricular drama in my life, and you ask why don’t I just walk away from it all?

I am an Dad who wants to be involved in my son’s life! That’s why…

So if you are considering on getting more involved just do it!  The pro’s outweigh the cons!  Just be aware of the good times because there will be episodes of extreme drama mixed in.  The more deeply you are involved, the more drama there seems to be.
But just be glad like I am, that I was involved to deflect any drama before it hit the kid level!

One other note, if you are attending the At Home Dad Convention in Washington DC, please plan on attending my breakout session on walking to school, Safe Routes to School and childhood obesity.