Boys, we’ve made a pretty good site here for the at home dad.  We’ve come far, much farther than most of us could have hoped for.  When I first started the at home dad gig, there weren’t many places to go to get support or knowledge.  I needed both.   I needed to know that there were other guys out there that were doing what I was doing.  I needed to have someone to ask questions that wouldn’t think that I was a complete idiot.  I’ve never baked a cake before, does it need eggs?  When doing my little girls hair, do I spray anything on it.  Questions that if I asked my wife or other mom’s I would feel self conscious and would probably get a look.  And although these things wouldn’t impact the quality of care that I would give my children, it was still things that I wanted to know.

It has been my hope (and the others that have worked so hard on this site) that we have created a place where at home dads can come and get that info.  The ability to read stuff by your peers has been our great contribution and it’s something that I’m very proud to be a part of.

We have been recognized by two other sites over the last two months or so for the quality of this site and the things that we have been able to offer the at home dad community.  Now we’ve got another chance and I would like to make the most of it.

The site Circle of Moms is holding a contest to find the best 25 dad blogs.  I think we can make that top 25.  It’s being done on a voting system.  Every vote counts and we would humbly ask that you take a minute to head on over to that site and give us a vote.  I think this site is unique.  We are the primary caregivers of our children.  We go where a lot of guys have never gone before.  We rock the play groups, we’ve done the ballet classes and yet, we can still build a deck or repair a leaky faucet.  Well, sometimes.

And while your there, give our columnists some love as well.  You can vote for more than one site and I would ask you to do that.  Our very own New York Dads have their NYC dad blog getting ready to crack the top 10.  Let’s make that happen.  The Hossman chronicles would also appreciate any votes that could throw my way as well.

Just click here to begin to cast your votes.  We’ll keep the content coming and hopefully, this site can continue to reach those at home dads looking for a place to go.