You are a rockstar.  I know it.  You know it.  The only problem is, the rest of the world doesn’t know it. 

It’s tough, believe me I understand.  I often walk around my house eating my pop tarts wondering why I don’t have any groupies at my front door.  And where is the paparazzi?  Shouldn’t they be stalking my every move?  Then it hits me:  I haven’t put anything out there to let them know how awesome I can be.  Sure, it may look like I have a gut but that can be taken care of in just one weekend with 5 or 6 crunches. 

Well, this is your chance to start to get some notice.  If you have some knowledge that would benifit the SAHD community, this is your chance.  Or maybe you just have a good story to tell.  Either way, drop us a line at and become a guest blogger.

Guest blogs will appear on Daddyshome on Fridays and will range over all the topics that concern our community.  And if there is something that one of our readers wants to see, let us know about that too. 

Then, when you have your fame, don’t forget where it started.  Maybe send us a Christmas card and some nice chocolates.  Who doesn’t love chocolates?