Becoming a parent is a steep learning curve with none of us knowing really what it holds until we were smack in the middle of it. Being the primary caregiver goes beyond just raising the children but all of the things that come with it from homework to housework  to  childcare and cooking.

In my family, we have a kid that doesn’t like cheese, one that doesn’t like meat, and another that eats everything so finding the balance when it comes to mealtimes can be a challenge. When you are the primary caregiver responsible for meal planning and preparation is a huge part of your job. Some days it feels like I am at the grocery store daily and the way my family goes through milk has me wondering if a cow long term wouldn’t be the better answer.

Stay at home dads embracing the role of primary caregiver have tackled household responsibilities with fervor with many of them realizing that they have a talent for culinary arts and children. This requires lots of patience and a keen understanding of your clientele. I can’t think of a more daunting question than “What’s for dinner?” and you quickly get used to the reactions on their faces at the big reveal. So we asked dads in the network to share their insights and more importantly recipes that they make for their own families. Network members, Micah Adams with the help of Mike Andrews Jr. put this book together for our first ever SAHD cookbook.

Click on the image below to see our first edition of the National At Home Dad Network’s Stay At Home Dad Cookbook



1st edition Stay At Home Dad Cookbook