~Let’s start with a good piece of advice: Tell strong-willed toddlers what they should DO

~25 Internet Slang Terms All Parents Should Know
Do you know what these terms mean? Your kids may!

~Dads: Not Just Back-up Mommys
Written for Father’s Day but remains relevant.

~Homeland security’s tips for keeping kids safe online
mostly obvious, but some good ideas nonetheless…

~Movie reviews for parents: Kids-In-Mind.com
This comes in VERY handy, especially for those PG-13 movies that are heavily advertised to our 6 & 7 year olds.

~For daddys who may have to leave home: 4 Digital Alternatives to the Traditional Resume

~Travel Tool: Google SMS
This works great for those with no smart-phone but with texting plans…text google!

~Does your house have an itouch or iphone?  then iphoneandkids.com is a good place to click to.

~Ahh the good ole days: 101 Vintage Lunch Box Designs

~Humor: How to suck at Facebook

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