As an avid web-surfer, I come across many links that help me everyday as a daddy.  I will use my new bully pulpit to share these links and hopefully get some good feedback in return.

~Let’s start with Lifehacker’s list of  The Best Things to Buy in October
Lifehacker is one of my favorite sites, you will see links to them often in my pieces.

~It’s National School Lunch Week!,  thus here are some Tips to help pack the perfect school lunch

~If you kid texts or uses IMs then you need to read this: Top 50 Internet Acronyms Parents Need to Know
I’m a fan of letting my kid know in advance that I know about this stuff..thinking that they’d be less likely to try and get it past me.

~Teach Kids About Budgeting with 4 Quarters
Interesting advice!

~For city dwellers with IPhones: CitiStroller
I don’t have a iphone nor do I live in the city, but this looks to be a worthwhile iphone app.

~It’s seems obvious but the AP reports: Highly educated are less likely to be unemployed
The gap between the jobless rates of the most educated and those with less education is wider now.

~For you Facebookers, we have 12 Fantastic Facebook Fan Pages for Parents

~Parenting Magazine’s Best Cities 2010
Check out this year’s rankings of the best American cities based on health, safety, education, economy and recreation.

~Video Humor: An Oldie but goodie: David After Dentist

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