Hello and welcome to the new Daddyshome Blog, my name is Mike Stilwell and I am a stay at home father! Besides my primary job as a stay at home dad to my 3 children, I’m also the president of Daddyshome, Inc. a nonprofit by and for stay at home fathers.

Daddyshome is here to provide help and support to the stay at home father and primary care fathers everywhere. And one of the ways we are providing that support is this blog. The blog is here is provide useful information and an outlet for dads to come and share their thoughts and feelings as a primary care giver to their children. As at home dads often say, it is the hardest job you will ever love, and that’s true. However, even though you will love the job, it does come with its challenges and from time to time these dads may need some help along the way and hopefully this blog will provide that help.

I need to thank a few folks who are helping to make this blog a success. To Al Watts, my right-hand man and the dad who is the driving force behind the website effort. To Shannon Carpenter who is the blog editor and manager, Shannon has stepped up to help the organization and we truly appreciate his efforts. And of course I cannot forget Bob Boisvert who is our webmaster and developer, man that title just sounds cool! This site and blog could not exists without these dad’s dedication, thank you.

A little about myself, I have three great kids, Patrick 24, Virginia (Ginny) 21, and Mary 13. While only two of my children still live at home I still actively “take care” of all three kids. As my dad use to say, “you never stop being a parent, no matter how old your children get”, and that is so true. Although my son lives away from home on his own, he still needs his dad, quite frequently I have found. I’m also married to a great women and my best friend, Anne. Anne and I have been married for 29 years and I couldn’t have a better advocate and partner. You will hear more about my family as we go along.

Unlike many at home dads my children are older and I hope I can provide some help and insight as to what families can expect as their children get older. Many folks feel that their parenting duties our basically over once their children get to grade school. However, this is when the job of parenting really gets going. Parenting really is a fulltime job and by full time, I mean for a lifetime, my dad was right. Parenting older children presents their own set of challenges and rewards and hopefully I can help manage this new parenting world.
Well, that’s all for now, I save a little bit for future blogs. I just wanted to get things rolling and thank the folks who have made this possible. Please stop by regularly and tell your family and friends about our organization, site and blog.

Mike Stilwell