Barack Obama is an attorney from Harvard who is pretty good at basketball and has recently kicked his smoking habit.

I am an 8 year at-home dad from Iowa State who can rarely hit a jump shot and have never smoked since my asthma already sufficiently limits my capacity to breath.

There is one thing now, though, that he and I have in common.

We both have the title of “President.”

(I wonder if he’ll take my calls on that red phone on his desk now?).

A couple weeks ago, Matt Vossler, our Treasurer and a founding member of Daddyshome, and Phil Andrew, our Convention Chairman, stepped down as board members to pursue other opportunities. Our President, Mike Stilwell, chose to step down as President and take over the role as Convention Chairman since the Convention will be in his home town of Washington D.C. this year.

That meant the board needed two new members and a new president.

Last week Chad Welch from St. Louis, MO was elected to the board and given the dual role of Treasurer and Secretary. Jake Knapitsch from Kansas City, KS was also elected to the board and put in charge of our recently acquired discussion forum, I was elected as President and Jim O’Dowd, our board member from Boulder, CO was elected to replace me as Vice-President.

I’m sure Obama felt much the same excitement when he was elected of leading a great organization with great people as I do. He also probably felt the same burden to live up to the responsibilties and expectations of those people.

And he probably had to start calling his wife “the first lady” too.

I am humbled by the board’s decision to have me lead Daddyshome. I plan to work hard to live up to the responsibility with which I have been entrusted and I hope each and every one of you will do their part to make sure I do (or vote me out if I don’t).

These are exciting times for our National At-Home Dad Network! We have the number one discussion forum for at-home dads,; we are going to a major metropolitan city for our Convention for the first time in 6 years; we have this blog which has made the top 50 dad blog lists of two parenting sites recently; and we have a strong and dedicated group of guys on our board.

Maybe President Obama wants to trade jobs with me?