There has been a lot posted lately Dads Don’t Babysit.  It’s kind of an arrogant title if you don’t look any deeper, I have had comments about my Facebook Avatar to the right; “what you don’t babysit?  Kind of bold to say if you are an At Home Dad”.  Then I have to explain it for them to understand, “no I don’t baby sit, I raise my son” then I go into our cause.

We as dads do so much more than babysit, we coach sports teams, we do cub scouts, we go for hikes, he go swim, we go to sporting events, we help in the classroom, all with the kids.  On top of that, we do housework, we do floors, we cook, and we do dishes.  We as a group are stepping and the world is slowly taking notice on what we do.  If you are a newer At Home Dad please consider getting and staying active in your kids life, be it in the class, in sports or boy/girl scouts just be there for them because as we are changing one diaper at a time, we are also changing the world in their thought process of who we are and what we do.

If something breaks around the house, be it the car, pack -n- play, trike  or the front door screen, who’s mom gonna call to fix it?

Damn right, we answer by the name of Dad.  Parenting is gender neutral, as are all of the household chores but we do it because we are Dad.   There are a few moms who will pick up a wrench and use it while they are baking cookies and even fewer moms who will get greasy, but we will when we need to.

We go and hang at the park where moms tend to gather and lactate as a group as the kids play.  Then we show up with our kids and they want to play just like any other kid and alarms sound…  All too often we are labeled as “that creepy guy at the park who doesn’t work”.

Been there, did that and got past it all.

Heck, I made friends with the more progressive thinking moms who could relate to what I do.  After a while, now this was a couple years ago, they started asking my opinion on which preschool is best because they watched my son doing great things, what I thought of YMCA swim lessons because he could swim the length of our HOA Olympic sized pool before the age of 4, the list goes on and I had a voice and they wanted to hear it.

Too bad society in general cannot be more progressive in their thinking and get past the fact that there are Dads who are the primary care giver to his kids and the kids, and world, are not worse off for it.

Ever been to a block party and the other “working” dads are envious of what you do and told you so? I tell them there is nothing to be envious about, I work just like you do, it’s just my office is different, my hours are longer AND you get a paycheck.  Have you ever tried to keep it together during a Doodlebop marathon?  I bet it would challenge you, as it challenges me as well but it’s all worth it, so the next time one is on, sit down and watch it with your kids.  You might learn a thing or two!

That sets them straight on what I do as our battle continues to set society straight on what we do.