Another summer is upon up, sweet!

Something even sweeter is the age appropriate Y summer camp for the kiddos!

Even for the younger set, they offer a two or three time a week Toddler Time for developing social interaction skills and for the older wild bunches they offer a complete day camp complete with field trips.  For this post we are going to talk about camp for school age kids because that’s where we’re at right now.  We do Toddler Time and I can’t say enough good about it.  Our HOA contracts with the Y to run our pool and clubhouse and they do an outstanding job with the kids!  Safe, secure and full of cool stuff to do!

Not to scare you or anything but you need to know that the camps are well thought out and safe, this is from or Denver Metro YMCA that serves us, and  I am pretty comfortable saying it won’t stray to far off from state to state.  It’s a  standard that the YMCA staff is First Aid and CPR certified and has been trained in emergency procedures. Emergency numbers are available at each program. Plans for handling fire, floods, tornadoes, severe weather, lost or missing children, injuries and illnesses are on file at each site. They will call you or your emergency contact person to notify of a minor accident or injury. When there is no question that your child must be taken to the doctor or the hospital, they will call you to inform you of our course of action as soon as possible.

The Y staff supervises children at all times. Attendance is taken each day and staff makes phone calls to account for all children. Staff utilizes attendance sheets and head counts every ten minutes to account for children. When restrooms are not located immediately adjacent to the childcare room, children are accompanied by a staff member. Any time a program is away from the site, parents are given a written agenda of the field trip.

The Y is also great for swim lessons, which is a right of life for every child to learn, there are no excuses for not getting a child water ready, it may save their life someday.  At age five my son could swim the length of an Olympic sized pool; if given the task tomorrow, could you?